FedEx International Priority Shipping - Express Airmail Upgrade

FedEx International Priority Shipping - Express Airmail Upgrade

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A large part of the price of our Vintage items (especially go boards) comes from the cost of shipping. We include Surface shipping for floor boards up to 15cm thick, but in that case the space for padding is very limited, and if the board is above 13cm thick then the legs may have be sent separately. 

We already include Express shipping for floor boards above 15cm in thickness. In that case, you don't need to add anything at checkout (the 'Standard Shipping' option will be Airmail). If you have questions, please read the title and description of the item, and contact us with the Chat Widget if you are unsure.

For boards under 15cm, and other items, Express Shipping can be added as an option checkout, though sometimes having multiple items in your cart can confuse our system - if necessary please contact us with the Chat widget and we can help.

If you wanted to add Express Shipping to Vintage items that ship from Japan, purchase the option below based on the size of your order:

Small - little products like a fan, book, autograph, or go bowls and stones, or a table board.
Medium - heavy but compact products, like gobans up to 10cm.
Large - floor boards 10cm and up, or sets with board & bowls & stones.
Extra Large - really heavy items (over 20kg)

Again, please note that we already include Express shipping on go boards above 15cm. If the legs can be removed, it may be possible to reduce the price by removing Express shipping and to send the board and legs separately via Japan Post Surface (please note that this adds to the delivery time and the risk of damage).

If this is too confusing, or you have already checked out and need help ASAP, let us know about the change you'd like to make. We will check the status of your products and simply send you an invoice for any additional shipping cost. When that payment is complete, we'll update your shipping details at the warehouse and get your equipment on a plane instead of a boat.

We know Airmail shipping is expensive. We wish it wasn't.