Gift-A-Goban - Baduk Club's version of Pay-It-Forward

Gift-A-Goban - Baduk Club's version of Pay-It-Forward

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It is Spring Cleaning time at the warehouse, and we want to find a home for some Go Boards! 

If you'd like to buy a stranger a free Goban, simply add this item to your cart and complete Checkout. 

Use the drop-down menu to select the amount you'd like to donate.

We'll credit your purchase towards the shipping cost for the next lucky player that selects the Free Goban item.

Updates will be made periodically as estimates turn into actual figures.
Program start: 2021/04/04 6:00pm
April 5th - New Gift-A-Goban Blog Post
Latest update: 2021/04/08 7:30pm
Free Gobans awarded: 18/18

Shipping Costs:
Table Boards: 5 x $60 = $300 
Small Gobans: 9 x $100 = $900 
Large Gobans: 4 x $250 = $1000
Total shipping costs = $2200 (estimate)

Pay-It-Forward donations made = $505
Large Goban FedEx fees (paid by recipient): 4 x $150 = $600
Remaining to goal = $1095

We have cleared the shelves, but are currently in the red on shipping costs. We're thrilled that there is so much demand for Gobans, and eager to see whether there will be enough donations to cover our expenses.

Thank you to Evan, Paul, Tom, Nicholas, Timothy, Joseph, Eric, and Solomon for your support!