A Recent Custom Order

Helping to connect players with equipment is a lot of fun. I recently shopped for some high-end gear, providing a number of options to a customer to find a good fit.

The Board

The customer already had a Kaya board, and wanted something classy but different. So we looked for a lacquered board.

This one was a bit too loud and busy:

This one was interesting, but it had some wear and the playing surface wasn't in great shape:

Finally we found a table board done with Echizen Lacquerware technique. This method involves carving designs into the lacquer and then pressing powder or gold leaf into the grooves. It is a table board featuring Unryu the Cloud Dragon, and it must have taken several passes to do each color separately.

A full gallery of photos is available on Instagram.

Bowls and Stones

There were many other options that I came across in my search. 

Here are some antique kamakura-bori bowls, which utilize cinnabar for a striking red color:

These inlaid bowls were outrageously expensive:


These bowls were handsome but not a great match for the board:

These lacquered bowls were an excellent option. They were a good match for the board, but they were also quite small and could only fit size 25 stones, so they were ultimately just the runner-up:

Finally, the winner:

These Risuke bowls feature different types of lacquerwork. The result is striking, a kind of relief work where the lacquered designs are slightly raised. They were able to hold a size 33 slate & shell set.

Custom Orders

If you're interested in a Custom Order please reach out. I do charge a finder's fee, but I always provide a full accounting of the various fees and taxes. I'll make sure the items are delivered safely from Japan to your home.

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