Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I ordered stuff. When will my stuff arrive?
A: We generally take about 1 week to get stuff packed and labeled. Once we buy the label from the shipping company, Shopify will send you an email with the Tracking Information. We'll usually get stuff to a dropoff point within the next few days, and tracking information will be updated, so please sign up for notifications with the shipping company.

Q: I won't be home when my stuff arrives. What can I do?
A: Some companies like FedEx have a Manage Delivery feature, which allows you to decide when and where to receive your stuff. If possible, let us know about special shipment instructions BEFORE you order your stuff. 

Q: What if my stuff doesn't arrive?
A: That's not supposed to happen. Please contact us within 120 days of shipment so that we can check the tracking number and begin an investigation. USPS tracking numbers expire after 120 days, so after that period an investigation may be impossible.

Q: What if I change my mind about the stuff I ordered, or want a refund?
A: No thank you? Your responsibility is to pay for stuff you ordered, and our responsibility is to get you that stuff in one piece. All sales are final, but if stuff arrives damaged, we will replace it or compensate you within reason. 

Q: What about Clearance stuff?
A: We sometimes need space in the warehouse, so we will discount Vintage stuff that has been on the shop for several months. If you need a discount to make stuff fit in your budget, chat with us and we'll see what we can do.

Q: I ordered Vintage stuff a month ago, but the Japan Post website only says 'Dispatched from Kawasaki'?!
A: Updates for international parcels only occur when the package is scanned. That means there will not be a new update until the stuff arrives at your local Port of Entry. FedEx shipping only takes 1 week in transit, but Japan Post Seamail shipping takes up to 3 months. If you requested Japan Post to reduce the cost,  then please be patient. You can also contact your local Port of Entry, and email us for a copy of the invoice & packing slip (these may be needed so that you can pay any applicable VAT due on your stuff).

Q: When will you have more stuff?
A: That depends on the stuff. We can do Custom Orders, so please chat with us if you are looking for specific stuff.