Happy (Lunar) New Year!

Year of the Tiger

The holidays were a lot of fun this year. I went skiing for the first time since I was twelve. A friend dropped a library of Go books on me, which he had spotted at a local estate sale (still a few books on the shop as I write this). 

I also did a Christmas gift exchange with the vintage warehouse team. They sent a ton of snacks and included a lovely tiger ornament in the spirit of nengajo!

Speaking of tigers, there has been some amazing Go Art this year. StonedOnTheGoban released some coloring pages for kids which are really neat. Murugandi and BookBook have been posting some fun stuff on Instagram.

My New Years Resolution: Shorter Blog Posts

I realized that the length of my blog posts is one of the reasons that I procrastinate so much in making them. I'm trying to do to much. I'll aim for shorter updates this year, and hopefully a more narrow focus will encourage me to post more often.

It should also help you find the content you're looking for. You'll be able to skip past entries like The New Workshop Desk or The Exciting New Formula For Woodworking Wax, and just read up on things you are interested in, like The Exciting New AI Board!

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