The 2022 US Go Congress

38th Annual US Go Congress

This year Colorado hosted the Go Congress in Estes Park, the first annual gathering since Covid-19 started. We had intended to host in 2020 to continue our state's tradition of hosting every 10 years (Denver in 1990 and 2000, Colorado Springs in 2010), but it was better late than never.

I was wearing too many hats to play more than a few games, and didn't compete in the US Open. In addition to being the Treasurer (we only went slightly over budget), I was on the E-Journal Team, a go equipment Vendor, and I also organized a charity auction to benefit the American Go Foundation. It was a busy week.

The Vendor Room

As a Vendor, I had a great time with Devin setting up an area at the end of the main playing area to showcase our various gear for sale.

This was the most interesting vendor room in our experience. For contrast, most Congresses only have books for sale. This time there were books from the AGA, t-shirts by Asha Britt and Eric Wainwright, watercolor art by Steve Uhl, tempest clocks, yellow mountain gear, and a table of StonedOnTheGoban's offerings (Devin arranged the shipment). In addition, we had our own club gear, teaching gear, and vintage gear for sale - plus new additions like 4x4 boards, exotic stones, pins, and even an IZIS AI Board for players to demo. 

American Go E-Journal Team

As a member of the E-Journal broadcast team, I got to commentate with Eric Lui 2p! I also recorded some of the top games in the Strong Players Room, for the benefit of viewers on OGS and Twitch. Devin and Gooplet organized an innovative way to broadcast more boards with fewer people, by using a live feed of the boards (provided by cameras on selfie sticks) to allow remote viewers to record the game online. With all this going on I still managed to sneak out to a lecture or two by In-Seong Hwang.

Charity Auction for the American Go Foundation

The silent auction to benefit the AGF went smoothly. Again there were so many interesting items; Asha Britt donated a Go Seigen mosaic, there was a quilt made of go t-shirts, movie props, and boxes of go books donated by Roy Laird. I donated a slate & shell set that was signed by the two US Open finalists and used in the championship game. 

I had also donated a Kaya board and that was auctioned off live during the awards banquet, an old Go Congress tradition - all the visiting Professionals had signed the board, along with AGA and AGF leadership, and this helped fuel the bidding to a record amount of $4000.

It was an amazing week. Tired and happy, I immediately went home to fill a backpack and left for a two-month vacation.

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