The Shortest Month


It was a short month. Still, even if I had an extra few days, I wouldn't be able to finish Clossius' Western Dan Challenge; I made past halfway, and it felt good to be playing again. We sponsored the WDC with a 5% discount coupon for anyone that attempted it, and 10% for anyone that finished, so feel free to use those coupons through the month of March!


No unboxing this month. I do Taxes for a living, so I pushed my next equipment shipments back to April and May. I'll post a few sets that are still in the warehouse in Japan. In the meantime, if you need to file a US Tax Return, hit me up


I was less active in hunting Vintage gear, but still have quite a few things to post since there were deals I couldn't pass up. I also still have a few clients hunting very specific things and I finally tracked a few down. Here's an example - a Korean antique set with black lacquer and mother-of-pearl inlay:


This month I made a few timelapse videos and added them to our YouTube channel with voiceover. Until I get a better mic, that seems to be the best option for audio. My mother asked me to refinish some shelves, so I got to use my Monkey Wax again:

With Gratitude

This month we sponsored the South Central Go Tournament. Congrats to the winners! If you are running an event and need prizes, please do reach out to us.

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