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Devin Fraze

Hi world, it's nice to meet you! I'm Devin and I consider it my life's mission to support Go Clubs.

I myself run a local Go Club in Columbus, Ohio and so I know how hard but rewarding it can be.

Additionally, I organize on the regional level as well as serve on the board of the American Go Association.

I'm also passionate about teaching. I've volunteered as the co-Youth Director at the US Go Congress for the past five years and I have taught Weiqi at 5 schools in my city.

As a (near) full-time Baduk organizer, I dream of a world where gathering around a goban is the favorite weekly activity of millions. Towards this end, I wish to support other organizers in doing whatever is best for their communities. Join me as I energize go clubs, map the weiqi world, and supply equipment to organizers!



Solomon Smilack

Solomon is a Xennial and a Colorado native who has played Go for 20 years (so far).

Sourcing and refurbishing Go equipment is a labor of love, which both helps him stay busy through Covid-19 and, he hopes, gives other players a wonderful reason to meet in person again (someday). You can read more about his journey on our Blog.

If you find yourself in Denver after things re-open, drop by the Danger Monkey Go Club for a game!


"I never thought I'd have slate and shell stones; I love them. Beautiful board, good condition, and darker than I thought it would be (which is really just perfect)." ~Chris W.

"I love my floor board! I wanted to get one after I bought a house, but I couldn’t pass up this opportunity. I appreciate this shop and bringing used, quality equipment to us Go players at a great price. Thank you! :)" ~Chris P.

"Exactly as advertised by seller, warts and all. Seriously, though, when buying an antique i'm interested in knowing about all of the challenges of the piece and the seller made that very clear. Also was interested and engaged in ensuring the shipping process went smoothly and safely." ~Erica W.

"Thanks for fixing the issues with the payment and the shipping. Everything survived the trip and every stone looks good as I laid everything out for inspection." ~John M.

"Gorgeous go board (17 cm floor board with legs)! The seller was not only communicative but ensured that the package arrived quickly and safely. I couldn't be happier about this purchase, and I look forward to enjoying this goban for many many years! Thank you!" ~Alex G.

"I never thought I would have my own slate & shell Go stones, but they arrived today. The stones are beautiful and exactly as advertised.
They took a while to ship from Japan (a little over 2 months from the time I placed the order), but this was expected and it was worth the wait.
Solomon was very responsive to any questions or concerns I had while I was waiting." ~Matthew K.

"Thank you so very much!
It was greater than any expectation I had.
I appreciate it so very much.
Solomon cared a lot about the arrival.
It came super fast and in excellent condition.
Looking forward for opportunity to buy from you once again." ~Uriel M.

"Great packing job. Received earlier than expected. Beautiful condition as promised. Already got beat by my son. LOVE IT!!!" ~Suen C.

"I got the Go board right on time! I have been looking forward to having my own slate and shell stones along with a floor goban. The sound of the stones is exactly as I imagined, beautiful. A few of the shell stones were decently chipped probably from shipping; however, Solomon was kind enough to replace the ones that were unusable. If I am ever in the market of buying another goban or stones, I definitely would buy from here again. The prices are great for the quality you would get anywhere else in the states." ~Amey S.

The above were actual reviews from Solomon's Etsy Shop before joining Baduk Club. After your purchase you'll have the option to add a review of your own!