Gift-A-Goban Tradition Continues

Spring Giveaway

With Easter, Passover, and Ramadan all happening concurrently, we repeated our spring cleaning tradition by giving away a go board. Announced through our Newsletter and on Reddit, we had 16 applicants within 24 hours and did a randomized drawing to determine the winner. Congratulations to Huy Nguyen, of the University of North Florida!

Huy sent along photo of his first game on the board, played against Amybot on OGS:

Unlike last year, we were not in a position of having to change warehouses and clear a large number of boards. But we did begin a Waitlist for the remaining applicants - we have already mailed one board from Japan to Erik Weigert, who is leading a small club at his university in London, and it should arrive in time for the Fall Semester. 

We will continue to update our Gift-A-Goban page with all the financial details. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this project!

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